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I graduated in film production (specialising in Producing). The element of my degree that I loved was organisation and interacting with people. Whether that be liaising with film directors, arranging castings or location scouting I loved it all & I was good at it!! (I think……….).

 My mum is an ex-head-hunter so I have grown up listening to her chatting away on the phone & also used to go with her to the office sometimes. I thought to myself one day I want to be like her.

This isn’t some corny story btw. I graduated, realised I was skint and needed to get a job asap. So I thought to myself what do I love the most & what am I good at? Listening to people & helping people.. and that’s how I fell into recruitment. I got to use my skills of organisation from my degree and I get to guide people on a daily basis through the life changing process, that is getting a new job.  

 I started off in IT Recruitment, which wasn’t to my liking. Far too many KPI’s and I hated wearing smart clothes to work (I’m much more a jeans and converse kinda gal). A few years into my recruitment career & I interviewed at Adam. A then 22 year old girl with pretty much no clue but fast forward 6 years and I’m still here!!

You’ll find me chatting to Agency peeps from all different backgrounds. My focus is mainly within digital, integrated marketing, innovation & strategy. I'm fast working, reliable and honest. I'll always keep both candidate and client updated through each step of the process 😊

I'm also a bit of a spiritual junkie. I am certified in sound bowl therapy & Ayurvedic massage therapy. So when I’m not working I’m usually either playing my bowls, meditating or doing yoga!

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