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My early career was in Sales, Marketing and general management before I “fell” into recruitment after doing well at a job interview.

Having worked for over 20 years helping clients shape recruitment strategies or find important strategic hires, I now continue to advise on how best to hire. I'll also challenge hiring strategy and help clients hire directly by building an internal team, utilise our experts either one off or as an RPO model, or take a blended approach, as we do for larger clients.

You will get total honesty from me in a consultative and professional way but delivered as someone who has launched and run my own business. I can empathise with a very wide range of business challenges. I remain in talent/hiring and recruitment as I love meeting new people; from helping people with the careers to solving major client problems around people and talent. It allows me to be at the forefront of growth plans for a large number of varied businesses. It fascinates me as I'm both able to add value and learn simultaneously.

Away from work my time is spent with family, kids, dog, hiking, skiing as well as enjoying cooking and wine with friends…