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From previously working in a large blue-chip recruiter with the owners of Adam, I quickly realised my life would take a turn and I would be a part of the journey of Adam from 2006. Initially recruiting across all areas of marketing/digital, helping to build what we see today. I now manage a team, heading up client services and being a part of the overall growth of the business. I focus a lot of my time working on Executive/C-suite assignments, which involves full market-mapping and headhunting.

After teaching for 5 years and traveling for 2, recruitment found me. I was pitched the role of a recruiter at an interview whilst looking for a job at an agency. Next thing you know I was working 8am to 8pm for a large blue chip in town!

My passion for recruitment only really started at Adam. Before that I was doing it purely for the money as I wanted a house, car and the ability to say yes to any holiday/weekend away. At Adam I was able to see a business grow from nothing and actually see how to do it right; long term relationships, partnering and helping clients for years, now decades in some cases, and treating people right. Thankfully we don't work anywhere near those long hours too.

Outside of work it's anything outdoors! My passion for sport developed at a young age - football, mixed martial arts, Tae Kwon Do, boxing, kickboxing to name a few. My passion is still sport, usually golf, cycling, running and snowboarding but I enjoy anything outdoors. If I am not up a mountain, on a golf course or in a Kayak you will find me in a pub beer garden … or doing DIY 🤷‍♂️

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  • C-Suite
  • Marketing
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