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Marketing & Operations Executive

My role at We Are Adam is primarily to support our Operations Director, Leanne, and the rest of the team in the office, as well as to look after the day-to-day brand marketing and social media.

My job contains a little bit of everything – marketing, copywriting, administrative tasks, and everything in between! - which I love as it means my work day is different every single day and I am never bored! I have been able to shape my role here into something unique, which I love. I was even allowed to start a TikTok account for the brand, and I can often be seen making a fool out of myself over there in the name of marketing.

Prior to joining We Are Adam, I spent over 8 years as a bookseller, specialising in children’s and young adult literature and event co-ordination, as well as freelancing as a copywriter and social media manager.

When I’m not working at Adam I spend much of my free time up to my elbows in compost in my garden, curled up under a blanket with a book and as many cats as possible, or plotting how often I can fly out to the Netherlands...

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