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Marketing & Operations Executive

My role at We Are Adam is primarily to support our Operations Director, Leanne, and the rest of the team. I also manage the day-to-day brand marketing and social media.

My job contains a little bit of everything – marketing, copywriting, finance, legal, admin.. and everything in between! - which I love. It means my work day is different every single day and I am never bored! I have been able to shape my role here into something unique, which I love.

I have ADHD, and am passionate about raising awareness of neurodiversity within the workplace. I can be found over on LinkedIn, shouting about #ADHDLife, or helping out with social media and community management over at ADHD As Females.

Prior to joining We Are Adam, I spent over 8 years as a bookseller, specialising in children’s and young adult literature and event co-ordination, as well as freelancing as a copywriter and social media manager.

I spend much of my free time up to my elbows in compost in my garden, curled up under a blanket with a book and as many cats as possible, camping at the end of an airport runway with my camera, or plotting how often I can fly out to the Netherlands.

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