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Welcome Victoria! Team Adam Manchester is growing

3 Apr 2017

I first came across Adam as a candidate when I was sadly made redundant from a job that I loved. I threw myself into job seeking and met with a whole load of recruiters at several agencies, but Adam really stood out from the crowd. The relaxed atmosphere, with friendly consultants who really took time […]

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Work Goals, Life Goals and the key to achieving them all!

7 Feb 2017

“What are you dreaming of?” To many this may sound like a soft question but to me it’s one of the hardest and most important questions you’ll ever ask yourself. Why? Well it is deep, meaningful and inspirational when you really think about it, so not that daft a question after all! What is the […]

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The Best Quotes for Those in Sales

5 Jun 2015

Good quotes are often memorable, the best quotes have advice and guidance that we can learn from and use. Powerful quotes stay with us and help to motivate us when we feel a little challenged. Some of the best one’s are below: “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 […]

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Sales and Motivational Books- Worth the Money & Time?

26 Jan 2015

Having worked in sales and recruitment for over ten years now, I have many times found myself involved in the debate so often heard in sales offices, are sales and motivational books a valuable way to improve your performance or simply a waste of time and money? I’ve heard both cases fought passionately by respected […]

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Drones- Will They Be Landing Under Your Tree?

18 Nov 2014

Forget Xbox One’s, slippers, golf bags or even tangerines; it seems that this years must have present is, a drone. While 5 million units have already been sold in the US;reports show that Drones are literally flying off the shelves in the UK, with electronics chain Maplin reporting that they are down to back orders […]

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Invasive Content

18 Sep 2014

500 Million Account holders might have been surprised to see U2’s new album, ‘Songs of Innocence’ lurking on their phone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to bash Bono; but if you’re a cool trendy and ultimately young person like myself, you might be wondering how the hell it got there in the first […]

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Nick Wake joins the team!

22 Nov 2013

Welcome, Nick Wake Adam is pleased to announce another new addition to the growing team in London. A warm welcome to our new Head of Client Service, Nick Wake, who will be working closely with Stuart Marshall and Will O’Neill at our exciting London brand.  Nick has great experience in the recruitment sector already, but is considerably skilled in […]

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Welcome, Will O’Neill!

8 Nov 2013

Welcome, Will O’Neill! A big Adam welcome to our new Head of Creative, Will O’Neill, who will be working closely with Stuart Marshall at our thriving London brand. Will has a rich pedigree of working the recruitment sector and has proven himself as an effective leader. We look forward to Will delivering Adam’s bespoke service […]

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Which path to take in the world of Professional Services

25 Oct 2013

Tesco Law and how it affects you When you used to go to the supermarket you wouldn’t have thought the same retailer that offered you bread and milk, would also provide financial advice. Since the ‘Tesco Law’ was enacted back in March 2012 and allows businesses to operate under a ABSs (Alternative Business Structure). Although […]

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