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The Secrets to Our Best Year Yet

11 Feb 2019

We Are Adam’s CEO Richard Gahagan shares his take on a landmark 2018 and our big vision for the future.   “Diamonds are nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs.” So said Malcolm Forbes, entrepreneur and publisher of Forbes magazine. Why am I referencing this quote? Because, ten years in and […]

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Adam 5 benefits of becoming a mentor 5 benefits of becoming a mentor

The 5 Benefits of Becoming a Mentor

11 Feb 2019

As a busy business professional, you have to ask: “Do I have the time to be a mentor?” To answer that question, you have to work out how much it’s worth to you. Because there are always ways to make time for things that matter. Let us help. Alongside Adam Mitcheson, CEO and founder of […]

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Keeping Candidates Engaged During The Recruitment Process

17 Dec 2018

Want to boost long-term prospects for your new hires and the business? This guide will help. Learn how to keep your candidates engaged and informed from the moment they secure an interview to their first day at work. Achieve this using our tips and create a more enjoyable and comfortable onboarding experience for top talent. […]

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A Fitting New Role for a Fantastic IT Professional: Evangelos’ Story

27 Nov 2018

Evangelos Gargoulakis recently moved to the UK from Greece to be with his partner. His relocation meant he was in the market for a new job in IT. With a passion for computer science, Evangelos graduated with a bachelor’s degree in telematics from Harokopio University in Athens. Since then he has worked as a software […]

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Should You Have a Mentor?

19 Sep 2018

Many greats of our time wouldn’t be where they are today without a mentor leading them through the dark. “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” — Isaac Newton Mentors help build dynamic organisations with sustainable futures, staffed by passionate and motivated new talent. And they can change […]

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A Day in the Life of a Product Owner

8 Jun 2018

Wherever you look, digital products are popping up: banks, universities, retailers, gyms; everyone’s got one. And that’s thanks, in part, to the product owner role that takes digital items from user requirement to end product via a load of technical decision making. We explore how a typical day stacks up for a product owner. Helping […]

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Why Work With Adam, In Numbers

15 May 2018

Whether you’re a candidate looking for a new role or a client ready to make a new hire, the outcome remains the same. Work with Adam and you’ll never look back. There’s no magic formula to how we work. Top-notch candidates come to us or we source them. And with a deep understanding of a […]

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Securing BIMA a New Managing Director

14 May 2018

BIMA is Britain’s digital community. It hosts thought leadership events to bring thousands of professionals together, helping them forge invaluable connections in their industries. The organisation boasts members from across the digital industry to ignite inspiration and innovation, driving change in Britain’s digital economy and positioning leaders as the industry’s connectors and change makers. Members […]

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