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Finding Andy Duff’s New Business Partner

8 Feb 2018

After working for Kellogs, Diageo and other various FMCG companies, twelve years ago Andy set up his own promotional marketing agency, Atom. He uses expert insight to help brands promote their products and services through consumer-focused offers and incentives. Butterkist, Muller and Plenty are just a few of the brands Andy and his team have […]

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How to Make Your Agency More Profitable – Part 1

14 May 2018

Making your agency more lucrative doesn’t only mean securing a truckload of new business. Winning work at the right price and finding ways to extract more profit from your current operations can be just as effective. To get the inside track on staying firmly in the black, we talk to agency leaders and specialist marketing […]

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Diversity in Tech

14 Mar 2018

A shortage of highly skilled employees is the number one challenge for UK digital tech businesses. Yet large swathes of the population, like women and disabled people, are seriously underrepresented in these firms. Are technology businesses missing a trick by failing to recruit from the widest pool of applicants? Or is the reality more complex […]

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The Growth of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

14 Mar 2018

Recreating human intelligence in an artificial way has long been the dream of scientists and film directors alike. Cinematic creations like Bladerunner’s replicants and Star Wars’ C3-PO are the human reproductions that spring to mind when we think about Artificial Intelligence (AI). But the reality is closer to computer-based AI like The Terminator’s Skynet. In […]

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How to Make Your Agency More Profitable – Part 2

21 Dec 2017

Looking to increase profits for your agency business? This article, the second in our two part in depth analysis of agency profitability brings you expert advice from Paul Barnes, Managing Director of My Accountancy Place, a business focused solely on helping agencies grow their businesses. We also bring you expert insight from notable agency leaders, […]

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Staff Turnover: What It’s Costing Your Business

10 Nov 2017

How much do you think it costs your business when an employee leaves? £5,000? £10,000? Actually, it’s a lot more. And that’s just the financial price. There are also a whole host of non-financial implications that can be detrimental to your business. In this article, we set out the full implications associated with staff turnover […]

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The Tools You Need to Improve Recruitment and Retention

21 Sep 2017

When employee turnover is high or you can’t recruit as you’d like, the first and sometimes only solution for many businesses is to increase pay and enhance benefits.   If this sounds familiar, it’s time to reconsider your HR strategy, because increasing your compensation and benefit costs should not be your only option or first […]

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How to keep agency teams productive, challenged & above all, inspired

19 Sep 2017

When you need to keep your clients continuously happy and your team constantly creative, burnout needs to be avoided at all costs. Fatigued staff have nothing left to give, resulting in a drop in work quality, unexpected resignations and high turnover. Which means additional time and effort to fill posts and keep on top of […]

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How to Drive a Positive Culture in Your Agency

18 Aug 2017

Culture is all about HOW you do things in your agency.  It can touch every aspect of your business, from operations and customer care to managerial style.  When something goes wrong, it can be difficult to spot the signs and know how to change.  Here are some common cultural challenges with tips on how to […]

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How to Establish Your Employees’ Capacity

27 Jul 2017

Getting your team’s workload right is a fine balancing act. Ask them to do too much and standards could slip and their health and wellbeing may deteriorate. Get them to do too little and organisational output is impacted and employees will likely become bored. The starting point for determining the perfect workload is understanding the […]

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