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6 Feb 2019

Customer Analyst Level 1

The Role

Our customer experience team not only continue to deliver to their customer’s but continuously strive to set their team bar higher and higher every day, looking at both the little wins and big ones. Keeping up with our customer expectations and continuously iterating for them has confirmed to our customers that we are the solution they need.

We are searching for a likeminded, passionate and dedicated Customer Analyst who lives and breaths our “Think Customer” value every day. Alongside your fabulous people skills, you will bring to the table a wealth of business and customer insights which ultimately leads to better and more focus driven conversations with our customers. The tech is the backbone of what you do daily. The importance it plays in driving efficiency and managing your customers both today and in the future is vital, so you use it religiously.

So what does this mean for you? You have the opportunity to work with seriously talented people who will continue to encourage and help you to achieve the very best. But also have the opportunity to “Be Bold, Bring Action” by delivering new insights and ideas designed to fill those gaps we have, particularly anything that brings us closer to closing the loop between our teams and our customers.

The Soul

Customers are at the heart and soul of everything you do. You truly believe that every move you make impacts your customers, which encourages you to look at each situation uniquely.
Our cross-functional teams will help you to keep learning of one another and learn how to understand the customer problem better. You will be continuously challenged, and have the opportunity to really make an impact.

We want you to understand the basic functionalities of the product as this will help you to do your job. But, you are always eager to learn more about the product. Understanding the why behind engineering teams building decisions, how they are built and always looking for how we can do it better. You are always fetching for new information to help you to do your job better.

What we need…

Responding to our customers’ concerns across various channels based on the SLA set or even faster!

Always striving to educate our customers about the company, our product and our products’ features.

Using data analysis to evaluate the customer problem, helping you to find an accurate and long-term solution.

Walking your customers through tricky installation processes and troubleshooting. But always looking for alternative solutions beyond this, that will allow you to focus on other priorities, and help your customers to still achieve the same outcome just without you.

Create and send technical documentation to customers and within the technology platforms that the company uses. Notes provided in all the systems should be complete, accurate and follows the quality framework.

Knowing the escalation cases (based on guidelines for escalation) that should be reassigned to the Level 2 analysts.

Research required information using our prescribed and approved resources.

Confidence in your decision to close customer cases, knowing that you came to a solution both yourself and the customer is excited about.

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