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3 Dec 2018

Campaigns and Content Officer – B2B

The main purpose of this role is to develop a deep understanding of our target customers and B2B products to provide compelling and relevant content to intrigue, attract and convert prospective customers to choose the organisation.

You will work collaboratively with our Growth & Partnerships Department to develop effective brand messages for our B2B products and services, testing and gathering insight to enhance our offer and working closely with the wider Marketing Team to make sure the messages and offer to align with our wider university offer and brand.

You will work with the wider team and Campaign and Content Manager to identify, plan, create, distribute and analyse content marketing plans, marketing materials and campaigns to keep the organisation top of mind with prospective customers, current customers, wider audiences and influencers to drive interest in, engagement with and contracts with the organisation.

You will monitor the effectiveness of activity regarding attracting, lead nurture, conversion and retention and utilise this data to convince and influence colleagues to support new approaches to marketing delivery. Key to this is the ability to manage and analyse customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving revenue growth.

Good relationship management is crucial, working with a range of colleagues and external suppliers towards achieving a common goal of income growth.

It is essential that you have make sure we are using current and emerging technologies and techniques to intrigue, engage customers.


1.Develop and maintain a network of positive relationships with Growth and Partnership colleagues acting as an account manager for the marketing team developing a deep understanding of the B2B offer, the marketplace, capturing and solving their marketing needs and holding regular review meetings to priorities activity and share performance data.

2.Work with wider marketing team to plan and execute targeted campaigns and marketing plans involving multiple content items, touchpoints and audience groups, monitoring and optimising campaign performance and evaluating results and use to inform future strategies.

3.Create compelling, SEO optimised content in various formats for distribution across multiple platforms working with the wider marketing team and PR and Social Content Officers to repurpose media content, utilise video, photography, design and PPC to amplify content to increase connection with and conversion of target audiences.

4.Set in place an insight and CRM strategy to develop a deep understanding of customer need, buying preferences, motivations and pain points utilising insight, market data, digital analytics, and CRM system. Utilise the CRM to identify how to increase the prospect pool through data/ lead capture and nurture, segment audiences and evaluate activity to inform ongoing content and campaign development to grow customers/income and inform the enhancement/development of product and services.

5.Ensure the implementation of brand and visual identity across all channels and advise on best practice to support Growth and Partnership colleagues to create images, case studies, social posts and video to maximise engagement, reach and profile.

6.Work with Growth and Partnership colleagues to support and drive new business leads and business development.


Strong, broad B2B marketing experience in utilising marketing communications, campaign and content planning and delivery to engage audiences effectively across various channels and reporting on the effectiveness of activity, making recommendations for improvement.

Experience in on and offline marketing content creation, both written and visual including video, across multiple channels.

Experience of working with brand guidelines and strategy contributing to the evolution of the brand.

Experience in identifying, understanding and applying customer insight to segment the information needs of different target audiences to effectively connect and convert prospective customers.

Experience of working in higher education and awareness of the wider organisation, HE issues and external changes such as innovations, changes in legislation/regulation which impact on the job.

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