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Dealing With Workplace Fatigue: Could It Be a Sign of Something More Serious?

Did you know that almost half of all UK employees feel emotionally drained due to their day-to-day work? Fatigue is the new epidemic sweeping across countries, putting both businesses and the staff...

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Guest Blog: Five Years Later - Mental Health in Professional Services

Andy Salkeld is a Chartered Accountant and member of the ICAEW. He is the Finance Director of Leeds-based tech company, dscvr. ​On World Mental Health Day in 2018, Andy gave a keynote speech about ...

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What is burnout, and how can you prevent it?

​Unless you’ve been staying far away from the internet lately (and to be honest, some days we really couldn’t blame you if you had) then you will most likely have read – or at least scrolled past...

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The Future Is Ours To Shape

​The title of this blog post comes from author and renowned mental-health speaker Andrew Salkeld. We had a chat about mental health and the current Coronavirus pandemic a few weeks ago (you can rea...

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Mental Health and Wellbeing During a Pandemic

As the world faces an unprecedented global emergency in the Coronavirus pandemic, people are trying to come to terms with a new normal. We are all currently experiencing unprecedented and unexpecte...

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You Are Not Alone

How are you feeling today?Good? Stressed? Happy? Anxious? Relaxed? Last week, we teamed up with The Happiness Index to ask our staff, clients, candidates, and followers how they are feeling. We are...

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Health Anxiety during COVID-19

​It’s important to remember to look after yourself in times like those which we currently find ourselves in, both physically and mentally. As a society, we have made some great progress the past fe...

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Are We Facing a Mental Health Crisis in the North West?

​The Guardian recently found that of the 15 neighbourhoods with the highest prevalence of depression in the UK, 12 out of 15 were in the North West.Why? And what can we do about it? This is what th...

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From Tech Agency Owner to Building a Life Saving App

​It’s one thing to succeed as a tech agency entrepreneur. But coming up with a feasible idea for a life saving app? That’s an enormous feat of courage and genius. This is why Matt Farrar, Founder o...

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