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Introducing… Adam Wellness

Elevate your employee wellbeing.If you're searching for a more proactive way to look after the wellbeing of your employees, look no further than our brand-new offering: Adam Wellness.We're redefini...

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Menopause, Period, Miscarriage: Navigating the sensitive world of leave policies – Part 1

​Giving employees MORE paid time off? Leave it out!At least, that’s the attitude some business owners adopt. But many companies already offer enhanced leave packages beyond the statutory requirem...

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How past workplace trauma is impacting your business

​A large portion of the working population will experience workplace trauma at some point in their career. Yet the topic is so rarely discussed in the workplace. When was the last time somebody a...

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Employee Benefits Trends 2022

​In case you’ve been living in a cave for the last 18 months, the pandemic has revolutionised the way we work. But whereas 2020/21 were years of uncertainty and chaos, 2022 will be about embeddin...

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Why You Should Care About Workplace Wellbeing

At We Are Adam, we’re downright fanatical about workplace wellbeing. Our people are our greatest asset, and it’s vital that we keep them healthy and happy at work. As employers, we have a duty of c...

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What is burnout, and how can you prevent it?

​Unless you’ve been staying far away from the internet lately (and to be honest, some days we really couldn’t blame you if you had) then you will most likely have read – or at least scrolled past...

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Adam Asks... What’s the benefit of letting your employees own their own destiny?

Back in March - before the global pandemic that took over our lives – our co-Founder Leon chatted to Chris Hyland on our #AdamAsks podcast to discuss why last 4 years has been a whirlwind of change...

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The Future of Work 2020: Employee Wellbeing

​In recent years, the topic of mental health and employee wellbeing has been at the forefront of business conversation. The phrase ‘happy staff, happy clients’ gets rolled out a lot, and many busin...

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Is Remote Working The Future? With Gemma Dale

​As the UK Government looks to begin easing lockdown rules and people are adjusting to life working from home, questions have begun to be asked about if remote working will become more common - or ...

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