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Time for Change? Breaking the Misconceptions of Hiring a Contractor

​The number of self-employed professionals in the UK has increased by 43%, and the overall contribution to the UK economy by freelancing professionals is around £119 billion (IT Contractors UK). Th...

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Conversational Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

Is traditional marketing on its last legs?We blast emails to faceless entities on a list asking them to sign up for our offerings.We receive enquiries for sales to follow-up days later.We do this i...

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How to Use Paid Media to Distribute Your Content

 It doesn’t make sense. Your content is well written and super-informative. You’ve published it on all your channels.So why are you only getting a few hits?The thing is, putting your content on dif...

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A Day in the Life of a Product Owner

Wherever you look, digital products are popping up: banks, universities, retailers, gyms; everyone’s got one. And that’s thanks, in part, to the product owner role that takes digital items from use...

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Celebrating the British Digital Industry: Adam at BIMA 100 – Class of 2018

The British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) is a thriving part of the UK’s digital scene, and reading the list of inductees into its Hall of Fame is like a roll call of who’s who in the Britis...

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5 Ways To Identify The Right Recruiter For Your Business

When you decide to work with a recruitment agency, it’s usually with the hope that they have knowledge and connections to help you attract the best candidates to your company. However, with so many...

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10 Places to Learn Tech Skills for Free

LAST UPDATED: July 2020What beats a free lunch? A complimentary career boost of course, and there are plenty of on-the-house tech training courses to choose from. Read our rundown to see what tickl...

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Ones to Watch – Tech Start-ups in Manchester

From cotton mills to digital transformation, Manchester knows how to make the most of technological revolution. With a turnover of £2.9bn – the fourth highest in the UK – it’s no surprise the city ...

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Adam’s Easy Guide to Tech Jargon

Do you work alongside a team of developers?If you’ve overheard a piece of tech jargon in the office and are clueless about the difference between Java and JavaScript then our A-Z is here to save yo...

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The Growth of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Recreating human intelligence in an artificial way has long been the dream of scientists and film directors alike. Cinematic creations like Bladerunner’s replicants and Star Wars’ C3-PO are the hum...

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Diversity in Tech

A shortage of highly skilled employees is the number one challenge for UK digital tech businesses. Yet large swathes of the population, like women and disabled people, are seriously underrepresente...

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The Top 10 Skills Asked for in Marketing

With the tsunami of new marketing technology that swells every day, it’s tempting to think that those with the right skills can master it, do more and deliver better results.But at its core there a...

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Manchester’s Best-Connected Share Their Networking Secrets

Your business or career can’t survive in a bubble which is why you network. But what makes for a memorable interaction? And how can you build a list of valuable connections? We asked six of Manches...

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When Should You Hire a Data Scientist for Your Business?

As a fast-growing business, you want to make the most of every marketing opportunity available. And big data is one of the biggest opportunities out there.But big data needs deep data divers. Those...

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