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Ghosted by Recruiters? Top Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

​The job market is a complex beast, constantly evolving and responding to economic and social changes. Working in the talent industry, we see this dynamism firsthand. Lately, the UK market has pres...

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How to Fail a Video Interview

The rise of remote, hybrid and flexible working across the globe has changed the world of work for good. Businesses no longer need to restrict themselves to their local area when searching for ...

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Soft Skills Are The New Critical Skills

There can be no denying that the working world has faced massive upheaval over the past two years. As we prepare to head into the third year of the global pandemic, the long-term effects of prolong...

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What Recruiters wish you knew (and some things they wish you didn’t!)

​If you’ve never applied via a recruitment agency before, the process can be a little confusing. Who are you applying to? Do you tailor a cover letter to the recruiter or the business? What is happ...

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Five Things To Do If You Lose Your Job

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unparalleled disruption in our lives. The past six months have been full of tales of redundancies, mass-layoffs, and businesses closing on a daily basis, and it can...

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How to Improve Your Chances of Getting an Interview

You’ve received a response for the job you applied for, and unfortunately, you didn’t get an interview. You also didn’t get any personal feedback which can cause frustration for a lot of candidates...

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12 Reasons Why (the candidate didn’t get the job)

You’re waiting for the delayed 07:50 train to Manchester from a cold leafy suburb.  It’s pouring rain and howling winds; typical British weather.  There’s a massive pile of paperwork and a day of b...

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Changing Jobs May Not be The Best Idea…Just Yet

Just about every morning you wake up to the shrill sound of your alarm signalling the beginning of another 9-hour day in a job you hate. And it’s seriously getting you down.You’re not alone. In fac...

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How to demonstrate your skills and portfolio in an interview

Your CV landed you an interview, now it’s your chance to impress the recruiter face-to-face. That said, it can be hard to demonstrate your skills when you’re simply sitting having a conversation wi...

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How to Prepare for Work After a Career Break

There’s more to returning to work than firing off multiple online applications. In this guide we give you the insights to save you from rejection hell.Be Honest With YourselfRe-joining the workforc...

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