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Conversational Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

16 Oct 2018

Is traditional marketing on its last legs? We blast emails to faceless entities on a list asking them to sign up for our offerings. We receive enquiries for sales to follow-up days later. We do this in spite of a better approach. Tactics that employ technology to automate lead qualification and obliterate the need for […]

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Creating and Maintaining a High-Performance Culture

9 Oct 2018

Where did the UK rank in the most recent global productivity survey? 7th? Not even close. It came 16th with a productivity sum of £111 per person. Go up the scoreboard and Luxembourg reigns supreme at £301 per person. That means workers in Luxembourg are 170.27% more productive than employees in the UK. Including Luxembourg, […]

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Changing Jobs May Not be The Best Idea…Just Yet

9 Oct 2018

Just about every morning you wake up to the shrill sound of your alarm signalling the beginning of another 9-hour day in a job you hate. And it’s seriously getting you down. You’re not alone. In fact, the UK has one of the lowest workplace satisfaction levels in the western world. Which is perhaps why […]

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Employers – Have You Lived Up to Your Promises?

9 Oct 2018

If high turnover is killing your business, it’s time to take a long hard look at the reasons why people are leaving. Have you made some bad hires, or is it more complex than that? Are you failing to deliver on the promises you’ve made to employees? We explore the ways employers fail to deliver […]

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How to Create High-Performing Leadership Teams

20 Sep 2018

When brilliant minds come together to drive progress, beautiful things can happen. But not every team are the Beatles of business. You have to handpick gifted individuals who are exceptional at what they do and how they communicate to attain such glory. Without experience of recruiting at this level and scale, formulating such a team […]

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Should You Have a Mentor?

19 Sep 2018

Many greats of our time wouldn’t be where they are today without a mentor leading them through the dark. “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” — Isaac Newton Mentors help build dynamic organisations with sustainable futures, staffed by passionate and motivated new talent. And they can change […]

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Developing Future Leaders

12 Sep 2018

Leaders aren’t born, they are made. – Vince Lombardi When you arrive at the office, what do you see? People engrossed in work, helping you run the business. There’s nothing extraordinary about this. They come in at 9am, do their job and then leave around 5pm. But, under the surface, there’s something else unfolding. Something […]

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Use my ‘Three B’s’ to make the most of any media opportunities.

11 Sep 2018

Go in under cooked and you’ll get grilled. It’s as simple as that. Anyone who thinks they can busk their way through a media interview is at best naive and at worst an idiot. Actors warm their voices up before they go on stage, sportsmen and women, stretch and loosen their muscles before they compete. […]

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They did it! Team Adam tackles Man vs Mountain for Manchester Beats Cancer

6 Sep 2018

They tackled heavy rain, rough terrain and a smattering of leisurely tourists but our guys crossed the finish line triumphant and having raised more than £500 for Manchester Beats Cancer. Read their post-run analysis about how it feels to have taken on a mountain and won … just. Leon @milnsy14 “In one word. Brutal. But […]

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