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A few ‘Golden Nuggets’ of advice

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Golden nuggets from anumber of intelligent people

I am often asked what advice I have been given, as I am luckyenough to have had good people around me sharing great ideas. Withthat in mind, here are a few points of view from different leadingentrepreneurs, not all ideas are aligned, but hopefully you willfind a golden nugget worth taking away.

  • Your job is not to run the company, it’s to grow thecompany- you should always have a long term goal or plan, in whichthere is avision for how your company can expand and better itself
  • Hands on sales management- Make sure you’re involvedwith all the techniques
  • Key people in key roles- make sure the heavy hittersin your business have defined roles

So there’s a few pointers on things you can do for yourbusiness, but what about your employees, how can you help them?

  • Recognition- Ensure your employees are frequentlyrecognised for their contributions, i.e. hand written notes or aquick email
  • Development-Give them a reason to stay, make sure yougive them goals, achievable targets and ensure they grow withintheir role
  • Empowerment-Perhaps the most important! Let youremployees feel valued and make them feel like they’re makingdecisions whichhugely impact the company
  • Ambition – be ambitious for every individual, toensure the business continues to deliver for individuals

Then there’s the combination of employees, sales and the wholebusiness.

  • Segment your team and give them all negotiabletargets. Rank them into high performers and low performers. Youneed to set aminimum standard of performance, but on the other hand let theemployee ‘own’there target, it has to be theirs to maintain and beat
  • Non-performers must be identified and dealt with,regardless of their seniority

And lastly the essentials of recruitment

  • Hire slowly, fire quickly-being a little ruthless willget you sharp results
  • Recruitment is a dating game not a numbers game
  • Define the ideal candidate – mirror your top performersand people you respect
  • Recruitment is a process not an event, it needsmaintainingand nurturing