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10 Must-Read Digital Blogs This Month

Posted on: 27 Jul 2017

Want to make sure you’re up to date and able to impress your boss? Digital marketing blogs are a great way to do this but with so many to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. So here are ten recommended blogs each with a recent highlight.

  1. Koozai
What to expect

‘Read. Learn. Improve.’ is exactly what you’ll do with Koozai’s quality, in-depth pieces. The reader is front of mind here as the blog is helpfully divided into sections (latest posts, news, SEO, content, paid media and social media). Each blog contains an anticipated read time at the top and longer posts have handy ‘jump to’ section links.

Recent blog highlight

Virtual Insanity: How VR is Taking Over the World is a detailed review of VR hardware and the current uses of the technology.
  1. Econsultancy
What to expect As digital marketing consultants, you would expect Econsultancy’s blog to be top-notch. And it doesn’t disappoint. Their ‘multi-award-winning team of analysts and experts’ provide insight across the digital marketing spectrum and deep into niche business areas. Tags help you find what you’re looking for and you’ll need them; Google alone is tagged in 1,644 posts.

Recent blog highlight Some influencer marketing blog posts can be a bit flimsy, but this one walks you through eleven campaigns identifying how influencer marketing has been done right.
  1. Southerly

What to expect

With stunning visuals, strong headlines and a range of topical blog posts, it’s no wonder Southerly won the 2017 UK Blog Awards’ digital category. Covering the latest in content marketing and social media strategy and delivery, this blog also provides practical tips about how to distribute and amplify your content and measure ROI.

Recent blog highlight

Personalisation is Becoming Less Personal considers whether digital marketers’ current approach to personalisation is truly effective and how big data will impact this area in the future.

  1. B60

What to expect

For those of you seeking tech over content, try B60’s blog which promises ‘world class mobile tech news and views’. Posts tend to be on the shorter side and are good for quickly dipping into and learning about a specific topic. Listed as a finalist for the digital category of the 2017 UK Blog Awards.

Recent blog highlight This post tells you how to ‘Dominate the App Stores in 4 Simple Steps’. At 500 words, it’s one of B60’s longer posts but focusses in nicely on this niche topic.
  1. HubSpot

What to expect

This won’t be a revelation for most of you. The range, quality and granularity of the topics puts HubSpot on every inbound digital marketer’s go-to blog list. Always insightful and often entertaining, HubSpot’s straight forward TOV makes for an easy read.

Recent blog highlight

You may have seen this in-depth guest blog post titled ‘What We Learned from Spending £100k on Facebook Ads’ on social media recently. It gives an in-depth view of an end-to-end Facebook ad campaign and provides you with some solid takeaways.

  1. QuickSprout

What to expect

Neil Patel is probably one of the most recognisable and widely lauded digital marketers. While his blog isn’t as pretty as others on this list, what it lacks in style it makes up for in substance. If you want expertise by the bucket-load backed up by stats, this is the blog for you.

Recent blog highlight

If anyone can deliver on their promise to show you How to Build an Unbreakable YouTube Brand, it’s Patel. This detailed, step-by-step guide also includes a section on live video.

  1. Buffer

What to expect

As providers of social media scheduling software, Buffer’s social media-focussed blog comes as no surprise. But you can use the drop-down menus to find news, social media marketing, online marketing, case studies, design and more.

Recent blog highlight

15 New Social Media Templates To Save You Even More Time With Your Marketing has been shared almost six thousand times.

  1. Copyblogger

What to expect

As the name suggests, this is a copy-focussed blog aimed at showcasing the talents of Copyblogger’s writing team. With over a decade’s experience teaching people to create ‘killer online content’, their blog is testament to their craft. Every piece is easy to read and helps you create ‘the kind of audience-focussed content that helps you reach your business goals’. Sign up to the blog and you’ll receive a round-up of that week’s blogs posts so you won’t miss a thing.

Recent blog highlight

Short but sweet, The #1 Conversion Killer in Your Copy (and How to Beat It) has been shared massively and garnered a whole load of interaction in the comments section.
  1. Kissmetrics

What to expect

For a company that helps businesses optimise growth through analytics, it’s no surprise that the Kissmetrics blog is marketing, analytics and testing focussed. Access a wide range of marketing guides using the small menu top left of screen. If video’s more your thing, you can access a tonne of webinars such as Epic Insights: PPC Analytics Tactics That Can Make or Break Your Performance.

Recent blog highlight

In this piece, Kissmetrics recognise the power of email marketing and social proof and show you how to combine the two to create super-charged social emails.

  1. Marketing Land

What to expect

Get all your marketing information and news in one place with easy-to-navigate resources including social, SEO, mobile and analytics in the top-of-screen menu. With white papers, webinars and research papers, the easiest way to find what you’re looking for is to use the A to Z topic library.

Recent blog highlight

Bang up to date, this blog post provides commentary on the recent EU ruling against Google Shopping.

Happy reading.  

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