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My first 3 months at Adam – Helena

6 Dec 2016

The last three months have been pretty huge for everyone – from political fireworks on both sides of the pond to only getting about an hour of daylight every day – we’ve been through a lot! For me though, the last three months has also meant a big change as I started my new job […]

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4 ways to look for HR jobs in Manchester

29 Nov 2016

“I don’t have time?”, “There’s so many places to look”, “Where do I start?”, “How did you do it?” Do any of these sound familiar when discussing where to look for your new opportunity? Chances are that has been recently too as the average employee tenure is 1-3 years! [Jobvite]. Long gone are the days […]

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Values & Purpose: the no.1 priority for jobseekers

23 Nov 2016

When planning this weeks’ #MilnsysMondayMusings poll, I decided to focus on what people really consider when it comes to making the decision about which business you should join. There were several options I could have shared but I decided on three key criteria that keep coming up when we pose the question to both our […]

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How to present your CV for a contract marketing role

17 Nov 2016

Before we start, it’s important to recognise that, as good as my advice is, it is just that – advice. And as good as my advice is, there is other good advice out there. Definitely beware those who say you “must” present your CV in a particular way. I’m going to set out what I […]

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Is ‘Millennial’ a lazy marketing term?

15 Nov 2016

It is a well-documented statistic that our workforce will be made up of 50% millennials by 2020, but is the term ‘millennial’ a lazy marketing term? Firstly we need to look at what exactly classes as a millennial, and this is the question I posed to my Twitter audience yesterday in #MilnsysMondayMusings. Pew Research Centre […]

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After Adam & Ale…

11 Nov 2016

On Wednesday night we hosted our inaugural Adam & Ale event at Bar Topolksi on the Southbank in London.  I’m sat sluggishly typing away with a somewhat ‘hazy the-day-after-the-night-before’ head that can only mean that I had a great evening and too many ales for a school night.  Judging by feedback I’ve had from the […]

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‘5k every day? Easy!’…said no one. Ever.

4 Nov 2016

But 5k a day they did! At the beginning of October some of the team at Adam embarked on the challenge of running 5k every single day for the entire month to raise money for a cause close to all of our hearts – Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. The rules were that you had to […]

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Could you be my ‘Midfield General’?

31 Oct 2016

You may or may not know but I am one of the co-founders of digital and marketing recruitment specialists Adam. 10 years ago, we started Adam with the aim of changing the way recruitment is done, finding the right people for the right companies and being a pleasure to deal with all at the same […]

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Mastering the Craft of Modern Day Client Services

26 Oct 2016

Here at Adam London, we spend our days working with owner – managed Digital, Marketing & Advertising Agencies connecting them with their next wave of talented client services folks.  We’re really passionate about this as attracting and retaining these professionals is one of the biggest pain points and challenges that Agency owners face without exception.  […]

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My first month at Adam London – Juna

20 Oct 2016

When I came to London almost three years ago I never imagined that I would find myself working in recruitment. It just happened. People told me that I wouldn’t make it in recruitment because it has a “dark side” (as many recruiters know). However, I find it very interesting and an exciting job. I’ve always […]

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