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Life at Adam after 8 months – Stevyn

9 Feb 2016

I’ve been a recruiter since the 1st of September 2005 (The date is etched into my mind!) and after returning from Australia at the end of 2014, I was seriously considering a career change. I felt I’d lost the passion and desire for the job, but after a couple of months break I decided to […]

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My First Week at Adam Recruitment – Gemma

3 Feb 2016

Having worked in most jobs within the HR recruitment sector, I have worked for organisations from 7 employees to 37,000 employees but none are quite like Adam. I didn’t have those Sunday night nerves that I usually get the night before a new job, I already knew I’d love it here just from meeting the […]

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#JobsTV – Email Designers & Developers

1 Feb 2016

We have some exciting roles available, both contract and permanent in Manchester and Chester for Email Designers and Developers. Find out what Chris has to say about the roles:                 We have a variety of email design and development roles available, ALL for creative agencies based in Manchester and […]

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Life at Adam after 4 months

27 Jan 2016

I have been recruiting for the PR Agency side industry for over a year now starting my PR Recruitment career at Blue Skies – who have now closed their Manchester & London office. I then looked around the market and Adam Recruitment immediately seemed like an obvious fit for me. As soon as I walked […]

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The pitches, they are a-changin’

25 Jan 2016

Things could go a couple of ways this year, couldn’t they? That platinum award-winning opportunity could materialise before you and you’ll deliver a new business pitch your grandchildren’s grandchildren will be boasting about. You know the kind of thing. To wow the client you flood their offices and bring in a troupe of dolphins trained […]

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New Business Resolution

20 Jan 2016

So here we are…week 3 of 2016 and the plans, resolutions & commitments for the New Year are already being challenged (and in some cases purposely forgotten about). A new year is often seen as a ‘blank canvas’ when it comes to business development and client acquisition. Goals are set, targets agreed and past performance […]

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#JobsTV Head of eCommerce

18 Jan 2016

The latest #JobsTV role is a Head of eCommerce for a leading multi-channel online retailer. Our B2C Marketing Consultant, Adam Walker, talks you through the role in the video below   Based in Lancashire, the role will see you take responsibility for driving growth and customer connection, loyalty and profitability. Additionally you’ll be evaluating, recommending […]

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My First Week at Adam Recruitment – Charlotte

13 Jan 2016

I’ve given myself the creative task of writing about my first week here at Adam Recruitment – and what an eye-opening week it has certainly been! Having come from a rather traditional bell ringing business (sales driven with heavy KPI’s and burdening targets) I was totally refreshed by the amount of good vibes the office […]

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My First Week at Adam Recruitment – Nicky

11 Jan 2016

I can’t really believe it’s been a week already, time flies and all that! According to my Twitter feed everyone was dreading heading back to work on Monday morning but I was in a slightly different situation, mainly feeling slightly sick with nerves and wondering what I would face at my first day in a […]

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Manchester Street Angels

23 Dec 2015

  As has become a company tradition since our HQ moved to central Manchester in 2013, Adam Recruitment (@WeAreAdam) has chosen a charity to start a relationship for Christmas 2015 & beyond. Following on the back of our continued support for Forever Manchester (@4EVERManchester) & Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital (@RMCHcharity) this year we have chosen […]

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