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How do Entrepreneurs Grow Their Business?

25 Nov 2015

As part of the EY sales conference “The Sales Edge” I was privileged to be invited to sit on a panel hosted by Ernst & Young’s Mark Twine, National Markets Business Development Leader. By studying the markets and related indices, EY know that more than 50% of today’s market leaders will be replaced within five […]

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4 Steps to Increasing Productivity

24 Nov 2015

If you’re in that worrying position where the clock hits 6:00pm and you’ve barely completed any of your daily tasks and perhaps even worse and it’s Wednesday/Thursday. It might be time to re-examine how productive you’re being during core hours, here’s some top tips, to help you get back on track: Don’t be afraid to […]

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Competency Based Interviews, How Would You Do…?

18 Nov 2015

In addition to giving specific tests it is proven that the best way to tell if applicants have the relevant skills to perform specific tasks is to ask direct questions about how they’ve used each skill in the past. I have found an extensive list of example interview questions that hiring managers can use to […]

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BLOG: Are You Maximising Your LinkedIn Profile?

12 Nov 2015

LinkedIn now houses a community of over 300,000 making competition for jobs even tougher. Employers, hiring managers and recruiters will usually make LinkedIn one of their first ports of call when they’re trying to form a profile of you. A lot of people simply cut and paste their CV onto their LinkedIn profile and hardly […]

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BLOG: The Importance of Building a Great Team

10 Nov 2015

Any good leader will tell you that a business is only as good as the team running it. Finding a balance of talent, personality, skills and then getting it to all gel together is a tough task, but a quintessential of building a truly great business. It takes leadership to build great teams and great […]

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BLOG: Working Hard or Hardly Working?

10 Nov 2015

Tomorrow, I am very fortunate to be Heading to the at London’s iconic Tobacco Dock for the Festival of Marketing an annual event powered by those wonderful guys at Centaur Media over the next 2 days bringing together well known and respected faces from all areas across the industry including brands, agencies, digital experts, creative minds, […]

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Staying Healthy in the Workplace

6 Nov 2015

In a world where it is now paramount to look after yourself as much as your finances company and loved ones; it’s becoming increasingly easy to forget to take time out for yourself. The trials and tribulations of the workplace are often made easier by excellent time management, organisation and a willingness to learn plus […]

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To infinity and beyond…

5 Nov 2015

On a grey overcast day there are few events that I would like to get out of bed for especially after attending November drinks with the wonderful guys at This morning was different however, as the Adam London team joined our old friends at toinfinity at The Ivy Club for a fantastic breakfast (the […]

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3 Critical Behaviours of Top Performers

28 Oct 2015

The road to success always stems from maximising performance and getting the most out of your work and life. If you look around you right now, you should be able to identify who is a top performer in your office. These people don’t always necessarily have to be the biggest billers; the most senior or […]

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Fan Engagement – The Future of Sports Marketing

26 Oct 2015

One of the standouts on my event calendar has to be ‘Fan Engagement 2015’ sponsored by Sports Analytics Europe on November 5th. The data and sports marketing event will be held at the Citizens Suite at the Etihad Stadium, of course home to Manchester City, something I’ll have to put up with as a Scouser! […]

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