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What Are You Worth?

16 Apr 2015

For those in the Marketing, Digital and Creative arena, I’ve got some good news; salaries in these industries have risen by up to 30%. With that in mind, is it time to assess your worth? Valued at over £70 billion, the creative sector is one of the UK’s driving forces. 1 in 12 of fulltime […]

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What’s Happened To All The Commercial Talent?

14 Apr 2015

Business growth always relies on one key factor, the talent within that company. You need numbers to grow, it’s a fact of life; without ‘boots on the ground’ how can you hope to expand and grow your business.   As the economy continues to improve, employers are beginning to look towards developing more aggressive growth […]

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‘Winging it’

9 Apr 2015

I’ve seen many pitches in interview in my time, some good, some not so good. Most follow the same path: “This is who I am and this is why I’m great”. Delivered well, succinct and subtle this works. However, during one of these elevator pitches, every now and again someone strikes a cord at the […]

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The Importance of Team Building, Outside Work

9 Apr 2015

‘Team building’ has historically often caused groans, sighs and quick-fire excuses from staff, but regardless, it’s an essential tool in building a winners’ culture. Most companies often fail to embrace the fact that good team building, takes planning and the ‘buy in’ factor from members of staff. Reluctantly agreeing to have a ‘team building day’ […]

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Asking for a promotion

2 Apr 2015

Asking for a promotion is never an easy task, not to mention the effects it can have on nerves. It requires some serious thought, preparation and planning. This can include identification of your new role, definition of that role, and the skills necessary to do that role. And then you need to do the hard part and […]

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How to Keep Winner’s Winning

30 Mar 2015

From early childhood, we are taught that there are two kinds of people: winners and losers. Resting on your laurels after a decisive victory is a sure fire road to arrogance and never hitting the heights, here’s my tips on why to celebrate, but also crack straight on: Build a team, not employees: The key […]

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The City of Manchester Business Awards 2015- Report

27 Mar 2015

The 5th annual City of Manchester Business Awards took place at a blockbuster ceremony inside Manchester Cathedral. Downtown in Business’s gala dinner was held to celebrate the best of Manchester Business and they did not disappoint, putting on an awesome show for 100’s of the attending. Frank McKenna, CEO & Founder of Downtown kicked off […]

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3 Ways to Escape A Slump

26 Mar 2015

Whether it’s work, relationships or just general life; ‘slumps’ can hit us at any time. During these times, it’s often hard to find reasons to be hopeful or cheerful. Sound familiar? In business you might have lost a key employee or account; separating professional from personal seems like a massive ask and it seems you […]

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The Supper Club: Write-Up

25 Mar 2015

I was fortunate to attend a Speaker Boutique seminar last week in London hosted by the Supper Club and sponsored by Barclays and Mischon De Reya.  The Supper Club is a network of Entrepreneurs & Business Owners and they regularly host round table dinners, events and workshops where ideas and experiences are shared amongst a […]

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The Manchester Cycling Network

19 Mar 2015

Cycling over the years has taken up a large part of my life and I see it as an essential part of my job and commute. Despite my experiences, I’ve often heard it is difficult for new or unfamiliar cyclists to break into the Manchester scene. There are some particularly dangerous areas leading into the […]

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