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Digital Leaders UK & ‘The Internet of Things’

2 Sep 2015

Adam are teaming up with Digital Leaders UK to bring you an exciting event on ‘The Internet of Things’   DLUK was started in London and now operates across 9 regions, covering 27,000 members. They have a unique offering, including: Being inclusive and open to all– instead of excluding key segments of their potential audience […]

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Positive Mental Attitude

31 Aug 2015

Stress in the workplace affects more than a-third (39%) of Britons currently. Staying focused and on task in a high-demanding role may seem like a fairly impossible task, particularly in a fast-paced environment, with the constant pressure of sales targets. Ultimately though it’s down to you when it comes to how productive and efficient you […]

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Man vs Mountain

26 Aug 2015

At Adam we support a number of charities; as a business we support Forever Manchester and the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, but we’re always encouraging our team members to push their own causes, as we like to support them in any way we can. Our Development Consultant, Jonathan Caldwell has a charity that is very […]

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How An Exciting Work Environment Can Affect The Dynamic of a Business

21 Aug 2015

A lot of us have (particularly those in Digital & Marketing) have all dreamed of working in Google like offices with slides, beanbags, ping pong table, TV(s) and an organic café. Sadly size and budget restrictions mean that we’re more likely to find ourselves in somewhere a bit simpler. Hopefully we’re past the days of […]

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Why a Recruitment Consultant should be your best friend

20 Aug 2015

The standard role of any recruitment agency and consultant is to match the ‘right candidate’ to the ‘right role’. As we are the party in the middle, recruitment consultants work tirelessly for both parties and have a lot of exposure to different types of people. Quite often the views can be very split on recruitment […]

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Powering the Digital Economy

14 Aug 2015

The UK tech market has seen remarkable growth over the past few years, directly impacting the UK economic climate, turning us into a leading global competitor in the industry and additionally creating hundreds of new jobs. With 74% of digital companies based outside of London, a real success story is being painted in the regions, […]

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Where Can I Find Microsoft MVPs?

12 Aug 2015

‘Most valuable player’ is a term commonly found in American sports like Basketball or ‘football’; so what relation does it have to a particular type of high valued technical professional? According to the company itself, Microsoft award ‘MVP’ status to, “exceptional, independent community leaders who share their passion, technical expertise, and real-world knowledge of Microsoft […]

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Commuting in the Capital

7 Aug 2015

A recent article published in the Guardian revealed it was cheaper for a professional who worked on Liverpool Street, to commute weekly from Madrid to London, versus living in a rented apartment in London. A ‘typical’ Londoner will spend £2,016 a month on rent and travel expenses. If you lived in a one-bedroom flat in […]

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How To Tell Your Brand’s Story

6 Aug 2015

It’s human nature for us to wax lyrical about our individual and business successes. Whether you’re an employee or business owner, you want to talk about accomplishments and what you/your business has done. To the receiving party, there has to be some value in reading this. The key to good storytelling is to identify an […]

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The Importance of Supporting a Charity

30 Jul 2015

In a recent survey, a staggering 82% of customers agreed that their decision to engage with a business would be affected by whether a company engaged with charities and their local community. So why is this and how can supporting a charity be great for your internal and external brand? Regardless of your business size, […]

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